Evgeniya Malikova


Researcher / Engineer
National Research Nuclear University "MEPhi", Moscow, Russia


2009-now: PhD student (National Research Nuclear University "MEPhi"). PhD Thesis Defense is expected in 2013. PhD Thesis: Multidimensional geometry in solving problems of data analysis by computer visualization method.
Method of computer visualization in scientific data analysis. Multidimensional data and usage of multidimensional geometry in the process of mapping (visualization pipeline). 

2009: Master Degree in Computer Science. (National Research Nuclear University "Mephi") Master Thesis: Development of multidimensional geometry and visualization tools in Autodesk 3ds Max . A plug-in of type "utility" was developed for Autodesk 3ds Max, that basically included several plug-ins: FRep multidimensional primitives, one and two operand multidimensional operations, visualization tools and interface for accessing them. Analytical description of geometrical primitives and operations (blobby, metaballs, projection operation and so on), algorithms of polygonization were studied. The final geometry is constructed from these primitives and operations and it's projections on 3d space (also FRep) can be visualized.


Multidimensional geometry modelling and rendering using real-valued functions.
Given functions of several variables may describe scalar, vector and some other fields (functions can return one or more real values). These functions can be defined as: 

  • Analytical expression 
  • Points in multidimensional space (points with parameters, special place - parameter time) that can be nodes of structured or unstructured grids (here different interpolation procedures take place)
  • Evaluation procedure 
  • Graphical presentation (image analysis) 

These functions can be defined on various domains. These domains are described also by functions of several variables and considered as multidimensional geometry objects (FRep). Various ways of mapping process of such functions are studied (what computer scene that will be associated to considered function and its domain). Examples of visualization pipelines for real theoretical (computer simulation) and experimental scientific data where use of such FRep s is quite helpful for further analyses will be given in PhD thesis s. My knowledge of modelling and rendering includes work with the following: 

  • Unstructured and structured grids, FRep, scalar and vector fields that are results of computer (physical) simulation (Navier-Stroke, nanostructures modelling) 
  • Different polygonalization, and interpolation procedures,
  • Ray Casting, Volume Rendering, real time rendering (on the base of VTK).
  • Development of interactive dialog interfaces for systems of functions of several variables modelling and visualization

Molecular viewers development.

I also have some experience in development of interactive dialog interfaces for molecular structures (obtained as results of computer modelling) that deals with viewing of these structures and their physical properties and editing.

Technical Skills

Programming : C/C++.
Languages      : JavaScript, Php, SQL, HyperFun , HTML, WebGl
Libraries          : PCL, VTK, ITK, Qt, FLTK, Rhino API, FREP API, 3ds Max API, SCORM API, Webkit, CLapack,
Software        :McNeel Rhinoceros (Modeling and API),Autodesk 3ds Max (Modeling and API), ParaView, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Visual C++ , Bazaar, Moodle LMS, Joomla CMS, Reload Editor,Redmine. Basic knoledge of Maple, Statistica,Eclipse.
OS                       :  Windows, Linux (Centos, Ubuntu)


2014March - now Engeneer in Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academi of Science  (IBRAE), Russia (http://www.ibrae.ac.ru/) (full-time).

I’m responsible for cross-platform pre/post processing computational software integration and extension, solving 2D,3D meshing, geometric modeling and scientific data visualization problems  

2012 - 2014Feb Senior researcher in National Technical Physics and Automation Research Institute  (VNIITFA), Russia (http://vniitfa.ru) (part-time).

I’m responsible for development of software for devices designed in VNIITFA. Designed devices and developed methods used within this devices include: equipment for monitoring process variables, analyzing the elemental composition of matter, equipment for radiation-technological processes, beam diagnostics and etc.   Mostly I have to deal with following areas: 3d reconstruction, image processing, visualization.

2011 - now: Software developer and consultant in Uformia AS, Norway (http://uformia.com ) (part-time).

I’m responsible for developing 3D modelling and fabrication systems. Activities include technical support for Uformia's products, development of Uformia's 3D modelling and rendering framework, project coordination, web / software development and engineering.

I have experience in development of Rhino plug-ins (Rhino SDK and CLapack libraries), WebGl and jQuery based web 3d modelling tools, Jmol and jQuery based molecular viewer and export for 3d printing tools.
Mostly I have to deal with following areas: 3d reconstruction, point clouds registration and recognition issues, geometric modeling

2008- now : Engineer at National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Russia (http://mephi.ru) (part-time, remote)

I’m responsible for the development of tools for visualization of scientific data. Data are results of computer modelling (nanoobjects and their scalar and vector fields, fields distributed in given geometry) and experiments (scanning microscope). Wrote applied programs of visualization of such data based on 3DS Max (C++ plug-ins and MaxScript ), VTK, Jmol (JavaScript + Jmol scripting language). I worked also with: ActionScript language (simple programs with Papervision3D and FLARToolkit), jquery plug-ins, Mozilla plug-ins (HyperFun plug-in source code). I also worked with HyperFun polygonizer source codes (were developed several file reading procedures and primitives that read scalar field description from file, started integration of HyperFun and VTK).


2009- 2012 : I take part in teaching 2 courses: for students of National Research Nuclear University “Mephi”

“Programming in 3ds Max for solving problems of scientific visualization”

“Scientific visualization Basics”

Development of various educational multimedia materials:

http://edu-cons.net/unl/prilojenie/3/openov2.swf (Example)

2008-now : editor of Scientific Visualization Journal and Computer Graphics & Geometry Journal .( http://sv-journal.com, http://cgg-journal.com),  publisher National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” Russia

I was responsible for working with potential authors (obtain proposals and etc.), reviewing potential articles (final manuscripts), preparing the final manuscript for publishing in journal.

October, May , 2012. Reviewer, Computers & Graphics Journal, Elsevier.

Feb 2014. Reviewer, Computers & Graphics Journal, Elsevier.


Russian -native




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